Why trust your valuable data to a company that relies on outsourcing for its conversion services, or one that does not have the industry expertise to make necessary corrections during the conversion process?

Why use Petroleum Data Services (PDS)?

We are a 100% USA-based company - no work is, or ever will be, outsourced from the USA.

The founder of Petroleum Data Services, Owen Kittredge, is a Registered Geologist, worked in the oil patch for 18 years, caught and described cores, and was trained in open and cased hole analysis. What does this really mean? We know and understand what we are looking at. With oil patch knowledge, combined with 17 years of computer technology skills, Owen has been able to quickly and accurately covert data that other companies have turned away.

Core Data Analog to Digital Conversion

PDS will take your scanned or un-scanned paper records of core data and convert them into digital form.

On a typical project, PDS inventories the type and amount of data (defined as Data Sets and Data Sheets). Inventory is catalogued in a spreadsheet and sent to the client for approval. Once approved, a quote is provided and if accepted, work proceeds. If additional data is discovered within the original documents, the client will be contacted regarding what type of data it is and if they would like it digitized.

From initial review to final report, the process undergoes a minimum of four reviews by three individuals, including two by Owen Kittredge. Clients have found our reports to be 100% accurate.

Floppy Disk 5.25” and 3.5” to Modern media Conversion

For floppy disk conversion, all disks are first scanned to save the label information. The floppy data is then reviewed to confirm that it matches the label on the disk. If it does not, every attempt will be made to identify the data on the disk by reviewing files on the disk for API #, well name, date or depth, section, township and range, etc.

Many times during the conversion process it is discovered that more than one well is on a floppy. If this is discovered, a separate file will be created for that well, redrill, sidetrack, etc.

End results are reviewed for accuracy and provided to the client in a digital format, along with a scan of the floppy label and any conversion notes.

Paper and Scanned Well Log Digital Conversion

PDS is now offering digital conversion of paper well logs from your scan or we can scan the logs for you. We can do 2” or 5” open or cased hole logs.