About Us

Petroleum Data Services was founded in California by Owen M. Kittredge, R.G. .

Kittredge devoted 18 years to petroleum exploration and production in the Sacramento Basin and selected areas of the Los Angeles, San Joaquin, and Cuyma Basins. During that time he supervised leasing, permitting, drilling, and completion of oil and gas wells for a broad spectrum of exploration and production companies.

He also spent more than 17 years in the information technology field, including systems administration, network administration and applications testing. Kittredge served as project manager for a number of major data migration projects, while developing new systems and applications to aid workflow and maximize efficiency.

After departing the oil business, Kittredge was asked by a former client if he could convert petroleum data stored on quarter-inch floppy disks. During the process he discovered that some of the wells were mislabeled, but through his knowledge of the naming conventions in the oil business he was able to fix the errors and even identify the correct wells on disks where the labels were missing.

The success of this project inspired Kittredge to create Petroleum Data Services, a company that allows him to combine his geological expertise with his experience in data conversion.